Cha Cha Cha Management Consultancy

About Cha Cha Cha Management Consultancy


The Company was established in March 2003 (Registration No. CC/2003/0407) The Close Corporation is further registered as an SME with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (Registration Number SMEA 10001283)

  • Income Tax Registration number: 3514923-011
  • Social Security Registration number: 30020069
  • Employees’ Compensation Registration number: 0272678.

    Company Managing Director holds a Master’s Degree in Health Management and Planning, an MBA degree and over 25 years experience in public and private sector management.


    Cha - Cha - Cha Management Consultancy focuses on three key product or service areas:

    • Conduct feasibility studies and in-service training for the small-medium enterprise sector clients operating or who intends to operate in Namibia, especially those who are rural based. (Production of business plans)

    • Conduct management and labour relations workshops or seminars for, government ministries/offices/agencies, local and regional companies, including Parastatals.

    • Develop strategic management, planning and labour training manuals for clients. Such training manuals will be developed in human resources and financial management, stock procurement (purchasing) and management, health services management, transport management and labour relations management.

    Conduct leadership training focusing on developing competencies and leadership skills based on good corporate governance for regional/local governance. Conduct training and strategic planning of the health sector in Namibia.


    Design and development of Performance management system and performance appraisal. Job analysis and development of job descriptions. Job grading and evaluation, design of salary structures Organisational structure design and development (process re-engineering) Handling Disciplinary matters. Labour relations. Recruitment and selection aspects.

    Strategic Planning for regional and local economic development. Policy development and Policy review Public Policy Research and decentralisation aspects Perception and attitude change. Leadership and Team building. Dealing with trade unions. Stress management and productivity. Financial management. Design and development of Operations management system; and many more.

    Cha - cha - cha Management Consultancy operates as a close corporation in accordance with general business principles. Its main objective is to render effective business or organizational development, management and labour related consultancy. It conducts research or feasibility studies for both the business/private and public sector, training, workshops and or seminars aimed at developing and enhancing management, regional/local governance, corporate governance and labour relations' skills for both employers (top management) and employees.


    To be the preferred and first choice management consultancy business in Namibia and elsewhere. The first choice is usually the best choice and being the best choice is what Cha - cha - cha Management Consultancy cc, pledges to work hard at being, every day and always!.


    To develop, impart and enhance management and labour relations skills in order to empower and create effectiveness and efficiency within organisations.

    Corporate charter

    Based on its vision and mission, Cha - cha - cha Management Consultancy cc, pledges to:

    • Make our clients feel welcome, appreciated and worthy of our best efforts in everything we do ............. every day and every time!.

    • Be recognised as an exceptionally good management and labour consultancy within our industry and amongst our customers and the general public.

    • Conduct our relationships with an emphasis on long-term mutual success and satisfaction, rather than short-term gains.

    • Earn the respect and trust of all we work with as being an Organisation of honesty, integrity, responsibility and accountability.

    • Provide an environment of positive attitude and action to accomplish our vision, through reliability and dependability strategy.

    Corporate values

    The values identified and adopted by the company are:

    Reliability: We must deliver pro-actively, be reliable and provide efficient services that will exceed expectation.

    Integrity: We must achieve integrity by being honest, and firm in upholding our moral principles.

    Ethical standards: We will conduct our business in an upright manner, which is both right and acceptable to all those we deal with.

    Value for money: We will strive to provide effective and efficient service within affordable resources of our clients.

    Accountability: We will strive to provide service in an open and transparent manner, which promotes accountability for our actions and performance.

    Management team.

    The company is managed by very experienced directors, with one Executive Director, assisted by operational staff in the finance/administration and marketing/functional divisions. The Executive Manager has two Masters Degrees in Management and experience of over twenty six years in administration in the public and private sector. Mr. Sankwasa is an expert in Human Resource Management, Organisational Development and Regional Planning. The Master’s degree in Health Management & Planning dissertation was on Strengthening District Management in Namibia for economic prosperity, while the dissertation for the MBA degree was about Performance Management as a Strategic Management Tool in organisations for achieving profitability.